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January 30 2018


@ God y do u waste beautiful eyelashes on ungrateful men

January 25 2018

Things I want in the next 5 years


- a stable job that i love

- enough money to live comfortably and travel

- a fulfulling relationship

January 21 2018


tbh my music taste is so hard to describe like it’s literally everything except for the songs i dont like

December 20 2017

December 18 2017


catch me in target lusting after kitchenware like a 45 year old mother of three



people always talk about edgy 13 year olds saying they have a mental illness to look cool as if that started with tumblr but like.. they’ve always done that…… they’ve literally always done shit like that. and overall increased access to mental health resources is an overwhelmingly good thing. plus if someone’s pretending to have an illness for attention they could probably use those resources anyways

the idea of the “teenager who lies about mental illness for attention” is essentially entirely a myth. i’m absolutely aware there are kids who say they have schizophrenia when they don’t, but i think them doing that is a lot more complicated than “they want to look cool online”. it’s often them recognizing the onset of mental illness of some kind and processing it through the only lens they have, which is media portrayals.

and behaviour like that CAN often be a “cry for attention”, but that’s something that needs to be taken seriously. people discredit a lot of things young people do (especially self destructive behaviours or self harm itself) as being something they’re just doing for attention, but that’s ridiculous because someone being in a situation where they need help enough they’re willing to hurt themselves to get it IS a real problem. attention seeking behaviour is a symptom.

December 12 2017



And for the moments the boys on set, with their silly crushes, became tiresome, Brown could turn to Winona Ryder. “I would just go to her like, ‘Ugh, the boys are getting on my nerves today!’ And she’d be like, ‘Got it — come sit.’ And we’d eat cheese.“

- Millie Bobby Brown for W Magazine (quote)

Rb if you wanna complain about men and eat cheese with Winona Ryder

October 29 2017


the worst is when i make myself show up but i can’t make myself act well enough. like i tell myself “just go to the party, you’ll feel better, you’ll have fun.” but i go and nothing changes. i just realize better how tired i am. how i’m not good with anyone. i tell myself: make a joke, smile, relax, stop being so serious. but my brain feels empty and everything is muted. i’m trying, i swear. it’s just that i don’t have the energy for this. i don’t have the energy for anything, i guess.

October 18 2017


Rape is the only crime I can think of that’s 100% inexcusable.  There’s absolutely no reason for it ever.  In any circumstance.  You can murder in self defence, you can steal to help your starving family.  Even doing illegal drugs can really help calm people down.

But rape doesn’t help anyone except the rapist.  And it just baffles me to this day the way people will excuse rape with, “Well he/she was drunk” or “What was she wearing?” or “He’s a guy though, he probably enjoyed it.”

it’s the one crime that everyone should find inexcusable and yet it’s the one that people try to justify the most often.

October 13 2017



I was at work today for Labour Day and on TV was Good Morning America. The theme was celebrating the American worker and their accomplishments. I’ll tell you how it went down.

Kelly put on her glasses, smile wide, and pulled out a piece of paper which she read from. The paper was from an article (which I have issues with, but I will leave alone for now) by ABC news. Kelly proceeded only to read the opening of it, which reads: ‘Americans work more than anyone in the industrialized world. More than the English, more than the French, way more than the Germans or Norwegians. Even, recently, more than the Japanese. And Americans take less vacation, work longer days, and retire later, too.’

And everyone cheered.

And they kept cheering when Kelly put her paper down and smiled at everyone. (not continuing with the rest of the article which suggests that this may in fact be a problem).

And I just couldn’t BELIEVE that anyone was cheering. America. AMERICA you work more than the French, who are entitled by law to have 5 weeks off a year for vacation and can not work more than 35 hours per week. You work more than Norway, who average 33 hours per week and 44,000 dollars a year. Germany, where AGAIN, we see a shorter work week and better pay! And all of these countries have health care and better pay and free/affordable education!


I have a different interpretation of this information: the American worker is the most taken advantage of worker in the industrialized world. It’s plain and simple. You work long hours and get horrible pay. You take multiple jobs and work and work and work just to get by. Unions are disappearing, jobs are always looking for part timers and all you are doing is giving up your time for less money, less vacation, less safety and stability and less education than anyone else on the list.

Celebrate Labour day. Celebrate the accomplishments of the common worker, but don’t let these people trick you into thinking you should celebrate the theft of your time and energy, or the fruits of your labour.

They are using you. Stop cheering.

(via Tumbling)

October 04 2017


honestly i dont even play an active role in my life shit just happens and im like oh is this what we’re doing now ok

September 22 2017

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August 30 2017


no emoji in the world can replace the depth of :/

July 31 2017


Don’t cheat on people, because the rest of their fucking life at 1am or when vodka fills their veins all they’re going to wonder is why the hell they weren’t enough for you and it will slowly tear them apart, and just because you aren’t there anymore doesn’t mean it isn’t your fault because every “I love you” that you ever said will echo in their god dammed head and no one deserves that.

July 09 2017



I go from wanting to never eat again to wanting to eat normally to wanting to eat everything in the kitchen and then back to not wanting to eat again multiple times a day and I’m just very tired of it okay


June 03 2017

Reblog if you think sign language should be taught as a language in schools.


I’m increasingly Hard-Of-Hearing and learning ASL back when I still had high neuroplasticity would have saved my ass some serious trouble.

May 24 2017

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April 28 2017


Im literally distancing myself from everyone for no specific reason and I can’t help it

April 25 2017


i literally will not tell people who are hurting me that they’re hurting me because i’m afraid of hurting them by telling them they’re hurting me it’s such a mess

April 08 2017


alright so …. let me just get this straight….. zayn got out of his contract bc he was unhappy but kesha has to do 6 more albums with the producer who raped her? 

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